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The theme of the 2017 Annual Bishop's Appeal , "One Body in Christ" comes from St. Paul to the Romans, "We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another"  (Romans 12:5).  We support the Body of Christ through our charitable actions. The Annual Bishop's Appeal supports the ministries, programs and services of the Church throughout the Diocese of Fort Wayne–South Bend.

A message from Bishop Rhoades

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

“We, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another” (Romans 12:5).  These words of Saint Paul remind us of our unity in Christ and our unity with one another as a result of this union with Christ.

In this year’s Annual Bishop’s Appeal, I invite you to reflect on our identity and mission as the Body of Christ.  Our diocese is enriched by the diversity of our members, faithful of different races and cultures, ethnicities and languages.  I see diverse communities and ministries throughout our wonderful diocese and the many diverse gifts that contribute to the welfare of the Church.  At the same time, there is a beautiful unity in this diversity, our unity in the faith we have received from the Apostles and our unity in the love poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

The Bishop’s Appeal supports the diverse ministries, apostolates, and services of the Church in our diocese.  At the same time, it promotes our unity in supporting the Church’s works of evangelization, education, pastoral care, and charity.  Through your generosity in the Bishop’s Appeal, you are supporting and expressing your love for Christ and one another and our unity as one body in Christ.

The most beautiful visible expression of our unity is our worship of God together in the Eucharist.  In the Eucharist, we receive the Body of Christ and are taken up into communion with Him and with one another.  Holy Communion strengthens us for our mission as the Body of Christ in this portion of God’s vineyard.

Thank you for your generosity.  May Christ our Head bless you, the members of His Body, with His abundant love and grace!

  Sincerely yours in Christ,  

  Most Reverend Kevin C. Rhoades

  Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend


The Office of Catechesis serves as advocates for the catechetical needs of all people. This past year, the Office of Catechesis continued its efforts to provide catechetical support to the Religious Education programs in both Schools and Parishes through formation of Catholic School teachers, directors of religious education, and catechists. Twelve catechist in-services, covering lesson planning, the Saints, and living the Creed, were held in the diocesan vicariates; a day conference on beginning and end of life issues was provided for the Catholic School teachers, principals, and directors of religious education; and the first year of teacher/catechist certification through the Education for Ministry* program was completed. In addition to teacher and catechist training, we began a review of the present Diocesan Curriculum guidelines. Sacramental preparation, particularly for Confirmation, is a main focus. The junior high curriculum (grades 7 and 8) will be the first grades to be reviewed and revised to meet the educational and spiritual needs of the students. The Office supported the parishes' Confirmation preparations by offering the annual Confirmation Rally. Around 400 students preparing to receive the Sacrament gathered together for a day of dynamic speakers, Reconciliation, Adoration, and Mass with Bishop Rhoades, calling them to know the love of God, catch the fire of the Holy Spirit, and live life faithfully as a follower of Christ. Catechesis for those with disabilities has grown this past year. Recently, a purchase of Adaptive Kits for Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation has assisted in supporting the Sacramental preparations for those with disabilities.

*Education for Ministry is a program of the Office of Catechesis and has been generously funded by Our Sunday Visitor

Catholic Charities

Mission Statement: Catholic Charities serves those in need as Christ would have us do.

Vision Statement: Catholic Charities serves those in need with special emphasis on the most vulnerable populations – the poor, disabled, migrants, elderly, and children. Catholic Charities is committed to improving the quality of life for individual, the family, and the community.

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, Inc. is a state licensed, COA accredited social services agency providing a comprehensive range of services to persons throughout the life cycle. The agency serves a fourteen county area in Northeast Indiana that comprises the Catholic Diocese of Fort Wayne – South Bend. The counties include: Adams, Allen, DeKalb, Elkhart, Huntington, Kosciusko, Lagrange, Marshall, Noble, St. Joseph, and Steuben, Wabash, Wells, and Whitley counties.

As an agency of the Diocese, Catholic Charities' services are operated in conformity with Catholic social and moral teachings. The agency is a member of Catholic Charities USA and has adopted its Code of Ethics.


Services include:

Pregnancy Services 
Services are provided to women and men and their families who are experiencing an untimely pregnancy. Clients may be single or married.  Services offered include: professional counseling and case management, education on pro-life options, and referrals to meet needs beyond the scope of our service array. As professional social workers, we are able to extend pro-life support and services after the birth of the child that are designed to promote the ongoing well-being and safety of everyone in the household. While adoption is discussed as a viable option, the majority of clients choose to parent their children themselves.

ECHO (Education Creates Hope and Opportunity) – Ft Wayne – South Bend
This school and home-based program provides guidance and resources to pregnant and parenting teens, enabling them to complete their high school education and successfully parent their children. Currently, services are provided in these schools: Northrop, Snider, Leo, Columbia City, and other alternative school programs. In 2011, ECHO was expanded to the South Bend area.  ECHO has also expanded to serve young adults up to age of 24.  Educational support for young parents is for those who are enrolled in any Allen County and St. Joseph County continuing education or job-training program. The program's focus is also on education while successfully parenting their children. 

Mental Health Counseling- South Bend
Due to increased demand for quality counseling services from a Catholic perspective, Catholic Charities is in the process of rebuilding its counseling program throughout the diocese. In 2016, we added one full-time counselor in our South Bend office to serve students and family members referred from Catholic schools in St. Joseph County. By 2017, we expect to renew our Indiana Medicaid and third-party insurance provider statuses to enable us to accept more referrals for mental health counseling and marriage and family therapy. 

Resource & Referral – Ft. Wayne and South Bend
Services are offered to persons needing help with meeting basic needs: food, clothing, limited housing assistance, utilities, hygiene supplies, and paper products. As part of the agency's program, there is a brief assessment and budgeting activities. Referrals primarily come through Catholic parishes, United Way's 211 Referral Program, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and other non-profit organizations. In 2015, Catholic Charities added a brief case management and family development component to this program for individuals who request assistance with becoming more self-sufficient and financially stable.  Catholic Charities is able to assist a limited number of families each year through its Christmas Program, by providing a brief needs assessment, anonymously matching sponsors to families in need, and distributing the donated toys and clothing.

Food Pantries: Auburn – South Bend
South Bend - Catholic Charities operates an emergency food pantry in its South Bend office. The food pantry is open and staffed by volunteers on Wednesdays from 10 AM-12 Noon, and from 5-7 PM.  The food pantry is a member agency of the Food Bank of Northern Indiana and has a contract to receive USDA Commodities.  Clients who have a household income at or below 185% of the poverty level and residing in St. Joseph County are eligible to receive emergency food assistance once every four weeks. The food pantry receives support through private donations, the United Way of St. Joseph County, "People Gotta Eat†(PGE) Initiative, St. Mary's Heritage Fund and the Emergency Food and Shelter Program.

Community Center of Caring Food Pantry in Auburn - Catholic Charities operates a food pantry in Auburn at 113 West 5th Street. Food pantry hours are Monday from 4:30 to 6:30 PM, Tuesday from 9:30 to 11:30 AM, and Wednesday from 1:30 to 3:30 PM. The agency is a member agency of the Community Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Indiana and receives USDA commodities to supplement food donated by local community partners. Clients need to have proof of residence in DeKalb County, i.e. utility bill or rent receipt, and may need to provide a photo ID card. Clients who have household incomes at or below 185% of the poverty level, as mandated by the USDA program and residing in DeKalb County, are eligible to receive emergency food assistance one time per month. The food pantry receives support through the United Way of DeKalb County, the Emergency Food and Shelter Program and many local contributors.

Other seasonal projects offered out of our Auburn office include:

  Fall/winter coat bank
  Summer backpack program
  VITA Tax program in the months prior to April 15 deadline

Catholic Charities provides a mentoring program through RSVP in Auburn for children aged 9 to 17 who are at risk due to truancy, pregnancy, drug and alcohol, or gang related issues. Mentors will need to commit to working with a child a minimum of 2 hours a week for at least 1 year. Mentors will receive 8 hours of training and will work closely with a staff person. Children and their parents must agree to participate with the mentors and assist in providing updates on school behavior and grades. This program serves DeKalb and Noble Counties. Funding is through the Department of Justice and a grant through Catholic Charities USA.

Hispanic Health Advocate Services
This program is designed to provide interpretation services to the Spanish speaking population in the Fort Wayne and surrounding areas for medical appointments.  This program helps prevent the chance of miscommunication during medical treatment. The caseworker accompanies the client to the doctor's office and interprets back and forth between the medical care provider and the client. Clients usually learn about the program through word of mouth and referrals from other service providers.

Catholic Charities Mobile Division
A mobile office designed to attend to the needs of our target population where they live, work, and go to school; conduct rolling research, learning the specific needs of our target population and developing effective strategies to address those concerns; create opportunities for local funding through county-specific foundations and investors; establish collaborative relationships with other agencies, bringing in partners who can address needs that don't fall within the scope of our mission; expand the organization's reach in a cost-effective way; nurture strategic partnerships with parish communities, expanding awareness of our agency's mission and increasing engagement opportunities with parish members. 

Services include:
Refugee Resettlement & Placement
This program provides assistance to persons coming to the United States under Refugee Status as granted by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population and Migration. Catholic Charities works in cooperation with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops/Migration and Refugee Services (USCCB/MRS) TO provide resettlement services. The services include: pre-arrival processing, arrival services, assistance with housing, referrals for medical assistance, medical interpretation, acculturation services, assistance with enrollment in English as a Second Language classes, assistance with school enrollment for the children, and other educational services as needed.

Refugee Health Services
The agency has a contract with the State of Indiana to coordinate refugee health promotion to ensure refugees obtain medical and mental health services beyond medical screenings which includes access to culturally and linguistically appropriate care. The agency also designs and leads effective and innovative health activities that specifically address identified public health needs among the refugee community. It also increases refugee access for long-term health care. Culturally sensitive and interpretation and translation services are also provided for non-English speaking refugees. Additional funding is provided through St. Joseph Community Health Foundation.

Match Grant Program
Along with refugee resettlement, Catholic Charities offers the Match Grant program, which is an employment based early self-sufficiency program. Clients are eligible based upon the criteria of job skill, positive work ethic, family characteristics, and the health evaluation. The Match Grant Program is an alternative program to monetary public assistance designed to assist refugees in obtaining self-sufficiency within 4-6 months from date of entry into the United States. Clients eligible to be served under this program are refugees, certain Amerasians, Cuban and Haitian entrants, asylees, and victims of a severe form of human trafficking. Enrollment must be completed within 31 days of eligibility date for the program.

Refugee Job Development
The agency has a contract with the State of Indiana to provide job training and employment services for all eligible refugees. Services are provided to those refugees resettled by the agency and those resettled by other voluntary agencies within five years of arrival into the US. This service is also offered to those who have been granted asylum in the U.S. Services include: job readiness training, women empowerment, work placement ESL, learning to get Indiana State learners permit, assessment, assistance with résumé writing and the interview process,  job recruitment,  job placement,  job retention,  job training, and job referrals.

Extended Case Management Program
Extended case management services include cultural orientation, provides adult ESL class, life skills, home visits, path to the citizenship classes, long term intensive case management, help with obtaining FSSA benefits, assistance with applying for Social Security benefits, and assistance with other community services to enhance their level of self-sufficiency.

Homework Help Program
Catholic Charities' Homework Help provides homework assistance to refugee children living in and around Autumn Woods Apartments. Through the support of volunteers, services are provided to refugee children that will enhance their adjustment within their school setting and community. Children from kindergarten to high school are positively impacted by this program. Catholic Charities is delighted to offer this as a free service for refugee families and children. The Homework Help program is located at 2019 Carterton Drive in Fort Wayne.  It is available Monday through Wednesday from 2:45 -6 p.m.

Services include:
Immigration Services (throughout the Diocese)
The Board of Immigration Appeals (U.S. Department of Homeland Security) recognizes Catholic Charities' Immigration Services as a program that provides accurate and affordable services to immigrants who seek to adjust their status, reunite with family members, obtain employment authorization, or file other paperwork through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Assistance with naturalization is also available. U.S. Citizenship classes are offered in the Fort Wayne office.

The immigration supervisor has been approved for accreditation since April 7, 2005 as a representative for partial accreditation by the Board of Immigration Appeals. The immigration program also provided training and outreach to other community organizations who work with immigrants and refugees.  With the Train the Trainers Workshop, we provide an overview of the necessary steps for an immigration process and steps towards U.S. citizenship.  We also review the actual process for conducting and facilitating U.S. citizenship classes.  This is a way to share our passion and vision with other agencies that want to help immigrants and refugees establish U.S. citizenship.  The primary focus of "train the trainers†is to give pertinent information to other organizations in order for them to educate legal permanent residents about the initial qualifications for seeking U.S. citizenship and to receive resources to successfully conduct citizenship classes. The organizations that receive training are usually non-profit social service organizations.

Translation Services
The Translation Program provides translation of essential documents for clients in Fort Wayne and surrounding areas, as well as clients in South Bend, Angola, and Elkhart.  We interpret for clients in the office as needed and translate documents in four languages: Spanish, French, Portuguese and English.  The Translation and Interpretation Program is fee-based; however, Catholic Charities will work with individuals who require a payment plan.  The majority of our clients are from different countries, so this is essential in the immigration process.  It complements the department as a source of providing wrap around services. 

Services include:
Villa of the Woods
Villa of the Woods is a state-licensed, residential facility that houses older adults.  Resident accommodations are private furnished studios with personal bath, cable TV, and individually controlled heat and air conditioning and an emergency call system.  This retirement community provides independence, but for security and emergencies is staffed 24 hours daily.  Villa offers an all-inclusive monthly rental.  The fee includes all housekeeping and linen service, utilities, and meals.  Social activities and medication set up through a local pharmacy are provided for those who want to participate. The facility is conveniently located in a wooded residential area close to the bus line, library branch, and a shopping center. Take a virtual tour of the facility at or and click on Take a Tour Villa of the Woods. The Villa participates in the State Residential Care Assistance Program. Villa has rooms available for lower-income seniors based on their income and assets. 

Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP)
Catholic Charities is the sponsor of the RSVP Program, a project of the Corporation for National and Community Service. RSVP assists older adults aged 55 years and over with volunteer opportunities. Staff recruits, monitors and supports senior volunteers who are placed with local social service agencies, schools, libraries, hospitals, parks and other not-for-profit agencies. Volunteers are covered by insurance while volunteering and are recognized for their volunteer efforts at annual recognition events. In DeKalb, Noble, LaGrange and Steuben Counties volunteers collect and distribute gently used coats for those in need during the winter months.  There are no income requirements for the coats. In DeKalb and Noble Counties back to school supplies are also available through our pack a backpack program, where children on the free or reduced lunch program can receive a backpack filled with school supplies. RSVP in DeKalb, LaGrange, Noble and Steuben also offers the VITA tax program for low income individuals and families free of charge in February through April 10.  The RSVP Program is offered in DeKalb, Elkhart, LaGrange, Noble, St. Joseph and Steuben Counties of the Agency's service area. The RSVP program receives funding through the Corporation for National and Community Service and the DeKalb County United Ways.

SCSEP (Senior Community Service Employment Program) (Title V)
SCSEP is available to low income individuals in Allen County and the 5 surrounding counties.  It is also available in the other Catholic Charities counties through NW Indiana Work One. The purpose of the program is to assist older workers to achieve gainful employment and personal development through community services and training. SCSEP participants are placed in host agencies where they receive on the job training. The host agencies are local non-profits and/or government agencies. SCSEP Participants are assisted in finding unsubsidized employment. Supportive services that are provided to the participants include creating and developing professional resumes, employment classes, interviewing techniques, computer training, and other job readiness classes.

Catholic Schools

The mission of Catholic education is to bring souls to Christ and offer a true encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. This is the primary purpose of our 39 parish-parochial schools and four high schools, spread throughout the 14 counties of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend.

Our mission is accomplished through order and expression of Catholic wisdom that permeates all subject matter. Studies such as mathematics, sciences, arts, language and literature convey the mind of God and the order of all creation, just as the study of theology. A Catholic education calls us to faith, reason, and understanding - as God wills us to understand.

"Faith is an encounter that engenders hope and inspires charity."

- Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades

The Catholic school experience is not only in a disciplined classroom, but also throughout the school and parish community. The school and parish communities, consisting of pastor, principal, teachers, staff, parents and students, serve as evangelizing witnesses to our faith for others.. The mission of the schools is fulfilled, not just in lessons and reading and writing, but also in the experience of prayer and liturgy. The entire experience of Catholic education should lead to a life-long exercise of charity and service, which we are called to as Christians.

The Annual Bishop's Appeal has generated more than $6,300,000 in grants to students who otherwise could not attend our Catholic high schools.  The Annual Bishop's Appeal has funded the Catholic High School Endowment, which has distributed interest income of more than $4,920,000, divided equally among our four high schools. 

Evangelization and Special Ministries

"Evangelization is in fact the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her deepest identity.  She exists in order to evangelize† (Paul VI, Evangeli nuntiandi, 1975, no. 14.)

This Secretariat serves parishes and the diocese in the work of evangelization and ministry to all God's people with an emphasis on the New Evangelization, proclaiming the never changing Gospel of Jesus Christ with new methods, ardor and expression.(John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio, 1990.)

  • Adult Faith Formation
  • Black Catholic Ministry
  • College and University Campus Ministry
  • Jail Ministry
  • Ministry for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
  • Ministry for persons with Disabilities
  • Pope Saint John Paul II Ministry for the Suffering
  • Project Rachel Post Abortion Healing
  • RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults)
  • Social Justice Ministry
  • Victim's Assistance
  • Young Adult Ministry

Family Life

The dignity of marriage and the sanctity of human life are under increasing pressure in our society. Our young people especially need help in understanding the beauty of their sexuality and the plan that God has for their lives. Strides continue to be made by the Office of Family Life (OFL):

Theology of the Body for Teens. This new program focuses on 7th grade students in our Catholic schools and in our parish catechetical programs. The aim is to explain St. John Paul II's beautiful reflections on human sexuality in terms that the students will understand. The program is currently in the process of being implemented and will feature Theology of the Body for Teens (Middle School Edition) published by Ascension Press, plus a supplemental curriculum and a parent session developed by the OFL.

Conferences for the Engaged. These conferences are a required part of marriage preparation and are presented by the OFL throughout the year in both English and Spanish in Elkhart, Fort Wayne, South Bend and Warsaw. They cover important topics such as the meaning of marriage, building communication and intimacy, the theology of the body, natural family planning, building a strong partnership, the spirituality of marriage and the Christian family as the church of the home. Hundreds of engaged couples attend these conferences every year.

Marriage Retreats & Mentor Couples. This is a new initiative by the OFL to present parish-based retreats and to train mentor couples in reaching out to engaged and married couples, especially those who have been recently married.

Divorce Ministry. The OFL offers annually a 12-session spiritual enrichment and support series based on the excellent program The Catholic's Divorce Survival Guide. Featuring DVD presentations, small group discussion, spiritual reading, fellowship and prayer, this program reaches out to Catholics who have experienced separation or divorce with the compassion and concrete support of the Church.

March for Life. This past year, the OFL coordinated our greatest diocesan presence at the January March for Life in Washington, DC. There were 9 buses of high school students from our diocese, as well as others from colleges and the Knights of Columbus. Several hundred of our young people gathered with Bishop Rhoades to pray together at the National Shrine of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception for the cause of life in our country.

Natural Family Planning & Infertility. The OFL promotes and provides various methods of natural family planning (NFP) instruction in both English and Spanish throughout the diocese (including assistance for married couples experiencing infertility).

Hispanic Ministry

Strangers no Longer. Currently, there are 13 parishes celebrating the Holy Eucharist in Spanish. Of those 13 parishes, 10 are full-service parishes (Spanish or Bilingual catechesis, sacramental preparation, adult formation, prayer groups, etc.) for the Latino community. These are: St. Dominic, Bremen; St. Vincent de Paul, Elkhart; St. Joseph and St. Patrick, Fort Wayne; St. John the Evangelist, Goshen; Our Lady of the Assumption, Kendallville, St. Joseph, LaGrange; St. Patrick, Ligonier; St. Michael, Plymouth; St. Adalbert, St. Casimir and Our Lady of Hungary, South Bend; and Our Lady of Guadalupe, Warsaw. Also, from August to October, we serve the seasonal farm and factory migrant workers who come to work in the agricultural field and live in camps around the diocese during that time. Every day, these services become more important in meeting the spiritual needs of the growing Hispanic population who bring to their respective communities a deep sense of family, trust in God's providence and a strong love for our Blessed Mother.  The Annual Bishop's Appeal has made it possible to invite and support Hispanic priests in our diocese. Three Hispanic priests have been permanently assigned to serve within our diocese. Your stewardship also made it possible to have an Office for Hispanic Ministry that support the parishes who serve our Spanish-speaking Catholics, and also collaborates with other diocesan offices to provide inclusion to all programming. Your support has helped us to prepare four young men born in Mexico for priestly service in our diocese; one of them has already been ordained. 

 Also, your generosity makes possible that 250 Hispanic high-school students attend an annual retreat in Spanish that helps them connect their cultural and religious roots, deepening and strengthening their Catholic identity, while affirming the richness of living with "a foot in both cultures." 

 Your support helps us to continue our Adult Education called "Educación para el Ministerio,†a two-year faith formation program totally in Spanish, and based on the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  At the start of 2014 your support to the Bishops Appeal has permitted us to expand the Diaconate Program to include formation to Hispanic men who are discerning their call to this office.  At the moment there are 12 men in their Candidacy year.

Marriage Tribunal

With offices in both of our major cities, the Tribunal processes Marriage Annulment cases, thus helping many families each year return to the full practice of their faith.  It also helps those with prior marriages who seek to join the Church.  Following carefully the law of the Church, this Tribunal  judges an average of 75 cases per year and processes an average of 145 claims of nullity.  In addition, Tribunal personnel spend hundreds of hours listening and giving guidance.

Office of Worship

 The Eucharist: the Sacrament of Charity.  Every day, the Church takes up its responsibility to draw people to Christ through the Holy Eucharist, the Sacrament of Charity, in which His sacrifice is remembered and made truly present.  The sacred liturgy then strengthens us to live out this charity in the world.  In the words of Pope Francis, "The Church evangelizes and is herself evangelized through the beauty of the liturgy, which is both a celebration of the task of evangelization and the source of her renewed self-giving" (Evangelii Gaudium, no. 24.).
  The Office of Worship prepares our priests and parishioners for great moments in the Church's life, such as the Chrism Mass in each of our two cathedrals, where oils are blessed and our priests renew their commitment of service; the Rite of Election and Call to Continuing Conversion, a major Lenten liturgy for those preparing to enter the Catholic Church; and the Ordinations of deacons and priests.
   The Office also offers training and guidelines for lectors, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, and church musicians.  The Office assists in the restoration and construction of churches, advising as to what is proper and ensuring that sacred places are built or restored according to the tradition and wisdom of the Church.
    The celebration of the Eucharist is a gift we cannot manipulate or change; rather, our obligation is to receive it with thanksgiving and celebrate it faithfully, thereby helping us to encounter Christ in a more profound way.

2016 Annual Bishop's Appeal Diocesan Leadership

General Chairpersons: Bernie & Pam Veldman (St. Pius X, Granger)

Fort Wayne Area Chairpersons: Larry and Susan Zurcher (St. Mary of the Assumption, Decatur)

South Bend Area Chairpersons: Larry and Judy Garatoni  (St. Pius X, Granger)

Fort Wayne Area Vice Chairpersons: Steve and Kim Tippmann (St. Vincent, Fort Wayne) 

South Bend Area Vice Chairpersons: Tom & Anita Veldman

Annual Appeal Chairs

Bernie & Pam Veldman --2016

Dennis and Mary Tippman-- 2015

Matt and Sharon Edmonds -- 2014

Stephen and Patricia Spoltman -- 2013

Paul and Kathy Schoenle -- 2012

Don and Bev McArdle -- 2011

Peter and Nancy Baranay -- 2010

John and Julie Kenny -- 2009

Brian and Jeannelle Brady -- 2008

Dr. Michael and Jeanne Mirro -- 2007

John and Marjorie Bycraft -- 2006

Jack and Cathy Krouse -- 2005 

Kathleen Beeler and Richard Doermer -- 2004 (Part of Legacy of Faith Campaign)

Mary Jane Stanley -- 2003

Donald Schenkel -- 2002

Kathleen Beeler -- 2001

James Fitzpatrick -- 2000

Michael Hammes -- 1999

John Tippmann, Sr -- 1998

Jonathan Housand -- 1997

Dr. Michael Mastrangelo -- 1996

Daniel Fitzpatrick -- 1995

Maury O'Daniel -- 1994

Joseph Woodka -- 1993

Thomas Blee -- 1992

Jerome Kearns -- 1991

Joseph Dahm -- 1990

Jerry Hammes -- 1989

Richard Doermer -- 1988

Arthur Decio -- 1987

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